Sbi Image Resizer

SBI Photo Resizer


SBI image resizer is an online tool that is used to convert image to the recommended size of online SBI  form. SBI image resizer is the most convenient for users as they can resize images in one click.

Recommended photo size 

There is a specific recommended size for SBI form submission. The size of image must be minimum 10kb and maximum 40kb. You can select any size in between this range. In pixels, it must be 200×230 pixels.

How to use SBI Image resizer ?

By following these steps you can use sbi photo resizer

  1. Select the image that you want to resize.
  2. Copy image and paste it to the given space on website.
  3. Click the resize button and you are done with image resizing.
  4. Examine the resized image and save the updated file to your device.
  5. Now your image is ready to applied on online SBI form.
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