Sbi Image Resizer

SBI Photo Resizer


SBI image resizer is an online tool that is used to convert image to the recommended size of online SBI  form. SBI image resizer is the most convenient for users as they can resize images in one click.

Recommended photo size 

There is a specific recommended size for SBI form submission. The size of image must be minimum 10kb and maximum 40kb. You can select any size in between this range. In pixels, it must be 200×230 pixels.

How to use SBI Image resizer ?

By following these steps you can use sbi photo resizer

  1. Select the image that you want to resize.
  2. Copy image and paste it to the given space on website.
  3. Click the resize button and you are done with image resizing.
  4. Examine the resized image and save the updated file to your device.
  5. Now your image is ready to applied on online SBI form.

Online SBI image resizer

Online SBI image resizer is a tool that is used to convert the simple picture to the required size of SBI form. Our online SBI image resizer is very user friendly and has some great features.

User friendly interface

Our online SBI image resizer has very user friendy interface as you can resize your image just click on sbi photo size button. You just need to upload your image and intiate the process.

100% Free without any  limit 

Our online SBI image resizer has no limit of use. User can resize unlimited images by using our sbi photo resizer at no cost.Our online SBI image resizer is totally free and can be used without installation of any software. People can use it without any hassle of spending money.

Quick Resizing

Advanced algorithms and cloud base service make our online SBI image resizer quick and more efficient. Single or Bulk , you will not have to worry regarding this . Just upload images and Process!


Our SBI resizer is very reliable as it keeps your images private. Security of your data is our prime focus so you can use our tool without any worries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1:Which formats are supported by SBI resizer?

The formats supported by our SBI resizer are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and possibly others. It also depends on the resizing tool that you are using.

Q2:Can I resize many images at a time?

Yes, you can use our SBI image resizer for multiple time to resize multiple photos however it also vary with the version of tool that you are using.

Q3: Can I use image resizer without logging into any account?

One of the best plus point of our SBI image resizer is that it don’t required any account for resizing the images. You can resize your images without logging into any account.

Q4: How does SBI image resizer works?

Typically, SBI Image Resizer functions by letting users upload an image file and then offering options to change the image’s file size or dimensions (width and height). The utility allows users to specify the file size or desired dimensions, and it resizes the image accordingly.

Q5: what is SBI image resizer?

An online tool provided by State Bank of India to resize images in different formats and dimensions.

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